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A8 Chat Integration

A8 Channel Provisioning


To configure the webhook and provide page Id and page access token, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Create a facebook developer account and an app for A8 Chat. Click here to know how to create a facebook developer account. A8Chat Integration

Step 2: In the left panel, click Products + and select Messenger and Webhooks. A8Chat Integration

Step 3: under Messenger, click Settings and scroll down to the Access Tokens section. Click Add or Remove Pages. After adding the appropriate page, a PageID will be generated. A8Chat Integration

Step 4: Click Generate Token and copy it. A8Chat Integration

Step 5: To configure the webhook URL, go to Webhooks section in the Settings under Messenger. Click Add Callback URL and provide the Webhook URL with Verify Token. A8Chat Integration

Step 6: Click Add or Remove Pages. Select the page and add page subscriptions. Under Subscription Fields, select messages, messaging_postbacks, messaging_optins, message_deliveries check boxes. Now, click Save. A8Chat Integration

Step 7: In the App Review for Messenger section,select pages_messaging and click Add to Submission. This function will allow you to send and receive messages. A8Chat Integration

Step 8: To edit the URL, click Edit Callback URL.Enter the URL and the Verify token provided. Click **Verify and Save. A8Chat Integration

Note: URL will be saved on success. An error will occur when it fails.


☑️ Twilio – Sandbox (Trial account)

Step 1: Create a twilio account and app for A8Chat. Get the Number, Account SID, and Auth Token from the App’s Dashboard. A8Chat Integration

Step 2: On the left panel, navigate to Programmable SMS in All Products and Services. A simple chat can be initiated by following the steps given in the Learn section of WhatsApp. A8Chat Integration

Step 3: Sandbox account requires code (join child-industry, varies with each app) to exchange messages. The user might lose connection to the sandbox account if the chat is inactive for more than 24hours. To reinitiate the connection, resend the code and continue the chat.

Step 4: Set the webhook URL, under Sandbox section of whatsApp.

  • When a message comes in – Webhook URLHTTP POST method.

A8Chat Integration

☑️ Gupshup – Sandbox (Trial Account)

Step 1: Create a gupshup account and an Access API app for A8Chat. A8Chat Integration

Step 2: Click the app settings and follow the instructions to try a simple conversation. Get the phone number. The PROXY message must be sent to start any conversation. This will optin the user in the sandbox account. After 24hours of inactivity in the chat the user should resend the PROXY message for optin.

Step 3: Get the API Key from Account details. A8Chat Integration

Step 4: -In the Test Access API and Set callback URL section, configure the A8Chat webhook. There will be a success message on valid configuration. A8Chat Integration

Note: An error will occur when it fails.


Step 1: Create a twitter account with developer access and an app for A8 Chat. Click here to know how to create a twitter developer account.

To apply for a developer account click here.

A8Chat Integration

Step 2: Click Create an app. After typing all the details, click Create. A8Chat Integration

Step 2: Navigate to Permissions tab and click Edit. A8Chat Integration

Step 3: Under Access permission, select Read, write, and Direct Messages. Click Save. A8Chat Integration

Step 4: In Keys and tokens tab, click Generate. Collect the Consumer API Keys and Access tokens. A8Chat Integration

Step 5: In the top-right corner of the Account settings icon, select Dev environments from the drop-down. Click Set up dev environment under Account Activity API/Sandbox. A8Chat Integration

Step 6: Provide an appropriate dev environment label and note it down. Now, select the required app and click Complete Setup. A8Chat Integration

Step 7: To receive messages from anyone, login to the twitter account

Step 8: Navigate to More > Settings > Privacy and safety. In the Direct Messages section, enable Receive messages from anyone to have the bot respond to any user. A8Chat Integration