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A8Chat Android SDK

Getting Started

Follow the instructions given below to get you a copy of the project up and running on your local machine to integrate the Android SDK.


Step 1: Add the maven repository to your build file. Add it in your root build.gradle at the begining.

allprojects {
repositories {
maven {
url ""

Step 2: Add the dependency to app build.gradle.

implementation 'com.autonom8:a8chat:1.1.0'

Step 3: Now, sync the project.

✅ That's it! The first time you request a project Maven checks out the code, builds it and serves the build artifacts.

Using the A8Chat

Step 1: Initialize the Bot with your credentials.

Bot bot = new Bot.Builder(context) // Activity context
.setAppKey("<< App key >>")
.setBotHandle("<< handler >>")
.setDisplayName("<< display name for the user >>")
.setOrgId("<< org id >>")
.setEmail("<< email >>")

Mandatory Fileds are AppKey, BotHandler, and OrgId.

Environment must be specified as TESTING, STAGING and PROD.

ℹ️ Default environment is PROD

Step 2: Call load method to launch a8-chat.



If you have any technical questions or doubts about this project, feel free to reach out to Autonom8.