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A powerful runtime environment designed to execute complex workflows (customer journeys) created in A8Studio.

Streamlining Workflow Execution for Customer Journeys

A8Flow automates the workflow execution, without the users having to write any line of code.


Designing Workflows in A8Studio:

Users begin by designing workflows in A8Studio using a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface. They can configure activities, roles, and system integrations within the workflow.

Deployment to A8Flow:

Once the workflow is designed and ready, users can deploy it to A8Flow's runtime environment, where the automation comes into action.

Automated Workflow Execution:

A8Flow takes charge of the workflow execution, automatically progressing through the defined steps as participants interact with the system.

Dashboard for Progress Monitoring:

Users can access the consolidated dashboard in A8Flow to monitor and track the workflow's progress, ensuring a smooth customer journey.