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A8Studio is an entirely browser-based low-code platform designed to develop complex customer journeys or workflows. It makes Autonomous Enterprise a reality.

The A8Studio environment enables the customization of end-to-end automation across all customer journeys. It acts as a foundation for our products like A8Flow, A8Chat, and A8iQ - starting from customer interactions to incorporating deep insights into the existing business processes.

Here's how our products interact within the A8Studio environment:

Workflows are designed and activated in A8Studio, but can be managed as conversations in A8Chat; they can be deployed as automated instances in A8Flow. And after activation, they can be monitored for patterns, insights, and anomalies in A8iQ. All of these can be incorporated into the customer journey, making your workflows - truly autonomous.

Now, to best understand the significance of the A8Studio platform and the multitude of customizations it can offer to your application, check out the concepts behind the different elements and features of A8Studio:

Getting Started

To start, you must sign-up and create an account in studio.autonom8. As you do so, it will provide you with a default username and a personal organization. Once you complete this sign-up process, you can build apps under this organization's name and invite other team members to partake in the app development process. Of course, you can create additional new organizations as well.