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Streamlining Database Connection and Management

A8 Astro is a powerful tool within the A8 ecosystem designed to streamline the handling of database connections and optimize operations on external data sources. It offers robust data management capabilities and operates on a separate database from A8 Flow, ensuring data integrity and delivering faster data transaction processing.

However, A8 Astro doesn't directly create and deploy tables within A8Studio. Instead, it offers SDKs that enable developers to perform operations like table creation and updates.


Managing Schema within Connections: SQL Database Structure

A8 Astro allows for multiple database connections, which enables developers to utilize various connections to access external data sources seamlessly.

To establish connections, developers need to provide a connection name, which acts as a unique identifier. The Astro SDK utilizes this connection name to specify the desired connection type. By leveraging different connection names within the same app and form, developers can connect to multiple data sources, enhancing flexibility and adaptability.

As in a typical SQL database structure, multiple databases exist, each containing various schemas. Schemas allow for logical separation and categorization of tables within a connection. Each schema, thus, consists of multiple tables. The "public" schema serves as a namespace for tables by default, simplifying table organization and categorization within the database. Developers will be able to create, manipulate, and edit tables within specific schemas, providing greater control over data management.

Ideal Use Cases for A8 Astro

For instance, if a customer already possesses a database and requests direct access for updating specific records when processing loan applications, A8 Astro can seamlessly facilitate this requirement. Developers can establish connections to the customer's database and utilize A8 Astro to update the necessary records effortlessly.


A8 Astro offers a powerful and efficient approach to managing database connections and handling external data sources. By utilizing the SQL database structure and the capabilities of A8 Astro, developers can leverage its functionalities to streamline data operations, facilitate large-scale integration with external databases, and enhance data management processes within A8Studio.