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The Organization is the repository for all your "Apps" and the development works that you handle.

When you Sign Up to A8Studio, a New Organization is created for you with your "User Name" as your Organization's default name.


The current Organization's Name is displayed at the "Top-Right" of the screen.

Users can add new Organizations to their A8Studio account or manage their existing list via the drop-down arrow next to the name.

After creating an Organization, you can invite people to become its members, rework their permissions, Or discard/reinstate existing members.

A user's role within the Organization defines their level of access within the App's development process. They can be marked as Owners, Administrators, or Developers from a list of default policy profiles. Or you can create and assign custom access policies that you see fit.

  • A Policy constitutes a group of granular permissions.

So, if someone from the outside develops for your Organization, you can create a new ID and add/remove these granular permissions to enable a custom policy to the account.