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Assisted or Solo Journey

A Journey is where all the "tasks" performed within an app are listed. It's where you make the actions happen, as we would like to state - from None to Done!

To get started with the Journey

Click on the app you have created. A pop-up window will open.

A) Assisted Journey

When different actors (users) from a company are present and work on behalf of others, then an Assisted Journey is used. The scenario includes a business process where multiple actors are involved.

Assisted Solo

To create an Assisted Journey:

  • Enter your Journey's name in the “Assisted Name” box
  • Fill in the “Description" of the Journey
  • Click on CREATE

B) Solo Journey

When just an actor (user) starts and completes a Journey, a Solo Journey is used. Technically these are single-task Journeys, where only one actor gets to interface with the Journey.

Assisted Solo

To create a Solo Journey:

  • Enter your Journey's name in the "Solo Name” box
  • Choose between "Private" Assisted Solo or "Public" Assisted Solo from the drop-down under the "Flow Type"
  • Click on CREATE

Note: Choose "Public" if you would like to have a shareable Solo Journey. Or you can keep it "Private".