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A8Studio - Sign Up & Login

You need to have an A8Studio account in order to start using the platform.

Sign Up

To create a "New Account", follow these steps:

Step 01

Visit the Sign In page and "click" on "Sign up?", which is below the "User Name" and "Password" fields.

SignIn page

Step 02

On the next page, fill in the appropriate details under their respective fields - the "First & Last Name", your preferred "User Name", your "Email ID", and the "Password". (* All fields are Case-Sensitive.)


By default, the "User Name" you provide here will be considered as your "Organization Name".

SignUp page

Step 03

Now, "click" on the SIGN UP button.

SignUp page


You should receive a confirmation message at the top right of the screen on successful registration of your account. If not, please follow the on-screen instructions to make the required changes to your fields.

SignUp page

Alternate Sign Up

You can also use your existing Gmail or Github accounts to "Sign Up" to A8Studio.

Sign In

Here's how to sign in to A8Studio when you have an account.

Sign In to A8Studio by entering your registered "User Name" and "Password", then "click" on the SIGN IN button.

SignUp page

Once you have successfully Signed In to A8Studio, you are ready to Create your first App.